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August 1, 1991

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There is many different way to get yourself a great looking canvas print and by looking online at the many canvas printer shops you will be able to see what different services they offer for making your canvas photo print the best it can be. It really is magical what you can achieve by simply giving a canvas printing company your image to have transferred onto canvas. So let’s say you have a really nice photo that you want to have something special done to and you get the idea of having either some canvas prints made or indeed if you want it to look really special then you could have one big canvas prints made form it. Firstly the image you have would be great print from if it’s either a hard copy photography that is at least 6” x 9” or indeed if your photo is a digital image that you have on your camera then rest assure that this image will be great to use as a canvas photo print as most modern day cameras have a good resolution in them to produce a really good print once blown up.